Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shoot Me (24 of 52) - Broken Wrist Edition

I haven't been keeping up with my Shoot Me submissions because life keeps getting in the way.  That's not to say I don't think about them...I just find it hard to put myself in front of the camera (still).  The kids and I were clowning around today, though, and I thought I'd share the results:

A broken left wrist...oh,no!

Oh, wait...are you sure it's mine?

Nope, it's Valiant's.  Poor guy.

Yes, it's true.  A week and a half ago, Valiant broke his wrist.  We just found out yesterday for certain that he won't need surgery on it (phew!).  Here's the story I'm supposed to tell you:

"A box full of kittens was left in the middle of the street, in the path of an on-coming semi-truck.  Valiant being, well, valiant raced into the street in the face of certain peril to rescue the poor, unfortunate kittens and was clipped by the semi truck, leaving him with a broken wrist and a boxful of healthy kittens." 

The true story involved a scooter and our driveway and isn't nearly as interesting.

Head over to Carin's at Forever in Blue Jeans and jump into the Shoot Me party.  Trust me, they won't mind if you miss a few weeks here and there...they still let me play and 7 posts behind!


Jan said...

Had me fooled with that first shot! Hope he heals fast. I broke my right wrist, hiking in Kauii, 11 years ago. Got to tell you, the pain was bad.

Anonymous said...

What a great story, I was totally sucked into it. Broken wrist stinks though. Probably can't even convince the "teacher" he can't write or do any work because of it either. ;)

Oh well, tell the scooter better luck next time, assuming it did get the worse end of the deal and looks worse than our Valiant. What a tale to tell all his friends. #3 broke her elbow playing Red Rover in the front yard on her sister's birthday (during the party). We were frantically trying to get parents to come get kids, so we could take her to the ER. She had to wear a cast for three weeks. Turned out it wasn't broken after all, when the cast came off. It was her growth plate and the doctor said it just looked broken, because of the angle on the first Xray. He took several more three weeks later but she was fine. Was a long three weeks though. And she is not allowed to ever play Red Rover again. LOL

Clark said...

I think I am going to stick to the semi truck story! I am really happy that there isn't surgery in our future.

Tootsie said...

I like the truck story too...hes such a hero in it!!! either way...that poor guy...hope he heals fast!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Oh no! I assumed it was one of the kid's, then I saw you and thought "Oh no! Wait... she must really like green..."


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Cute you had me going -- I thought gosh you look great for just breaking your wrist! Haha!

Amy said...

Oh no! Poor guy! That is an excellent story though. My cousin just broke her arm in the same way, not 12 hours after returning from her family vacation. Such a bummer, especially during the summer! Glad no surgery needed though! :)

2003beachbunch said...

Love the first pic and the "interesting" story! Hope it heals fast!!

~KATE~ said...

you got me there! ^^,
i hope that your son's wrist would get totally well soon.

thanks for dropping by my site yesterday!

Anonymous said...

lol Too Funny! I had the hook in my mouth and you were reeling me back to the boat. Too good!

Kim said...

Fun picture, I really did think it was yours. I hope your son's arm heals quickly.