Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Glove Compartment

A few months ago, my friend Mrs. M raided our local Habit for Humanity store and picked up some terrific cabinet fronts for a few dollars each.  Her plan, originally, was for a bunch of signs made from her Cricut.  Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with any inspirational sayings and went home without a sign.  A few days later I was struck with inspiration.  Called Mrs. M and said please, oh please, may I please have that long, skinny brown front.  She said sure.  (Unfortunately, it took me two months to finally get my little project done and in use...isn't that how it always is?).

A few cup hooks, some binder clips (my sister sent these adorable things to me...she knows that 12 years after leaving corporate America, I still have a thing for office supplies), and some metal face plates and I have an awesome way to hold our work gloves.

I was going to use vinyl letters or stickers to "write" the names, but instead I just settled for my Sharpie.  I can always go back later and refine those if I decide to.  (Like if the kids want to see their actual names, rather than their nicknames.)

This gives all of our gloves a home and adds a little charm to the area above the potting bench.  All that for $3, including the cabinet front and the cup hooks.  I'm just so tickled.


Alicia said...

Wow, that is great, Erin!! So affordable, and so easy! I need inspiration! LOL

Clark said...

Way cool! I really like that. It looks like it is right outside the sliding door, right?

Anonymous said...

Cute - what a good idea.