Monday, January 12, 2009

Valentine's Day will arrive before you know it...

Boys don't really care about Valentine's Day, so it has only been since Buttercup has been old enough to voice an opinion (strongly, I might add), that we've really acknowledge Valentine's Day in our family. Oh, I've always gotten the kids a little present to celebrate the day, but we really haven't done much more. Plus, both Charming and Valiant celebrate their birthdays in February, so trust me, they were interested in those days, not some "kissing" holiday!

Well, along came the girl, and that all changed. So, today I'll be whipping up a pair of pajama pants out of this fabric. Pajama pants are easy peasy and she likes to celebrate each season with an appropriate pair.

Then, later this week, we'll be working on this cool Valentine's Wreath from Little Birdie Secret's...I found the wreath form at Jo-Ann's (Michael's didn't carry it)...unfortunately, Jo-Ann's was packed and so we'll head back later in the week to get the fabric.

Also, I was very brave and I've committed to being part of Little Birdie Secret's Valentine's Card swap? What was I thinking?...I've only made a few hand-made cards in my life. I guess this is one way to make sure I try new things.

This is what I'll be doing today...what about you?


n3isme said...

voiced her opinion STRONGLY!?!?! that just made you the queen of understatement!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am off to work. Yesterday was crazy busy and I feel behind, even though I realize that I got a lot done yesterday. Trying to decide when to let #2 put out Valentines. I am thinking the 14th since that would be one month of the heartsy stuff.

I'm with the boys, I have never been a big fan.

Erin said...

The 14th?! That's tomorrow! No way...the kids in our neighborhood just went back to school yesterday! I said the 1st of February, that way the stuff is out for two weeks...I figure if we start on crafts now, she's feel all Valentine-y already and I won't have to deck the halls quite yet!