Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Color do you decide what to wear?

I'll admit it...I'm struggling with abject boredom and a case of "blah" today. I just can't get started, so I've been sitting here reading blogs I get and catching up on them (yeah, I do get way backlogged). Anyway, I was reading a little sewing on the side and she shared Wear Palettes with us all. Now, I only wish I could sew as well as she does, but that is what practice is for, right? Anyway, Wear Palettes puts up color combinations that you might not think of and makes them work. I thought it was fun enough that I put their widget up for a little while. I love the palette here and I really want the orange cape that is featured in December 15's photo--here. It is stunning, don't you think? If you are celebrity watcher, you can check out Wear Palettes VIP to see what fashionista's come up with.

So now you know, this is what I do on days that I am bored.


loveaphid said...

I love the orange cape too, that is so my style.
I'm with you on the blahs, had a hard time doing anything today. I guess that happens to the best of us. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day.

Annmarie said...

i followed a link from sms :) and i gotta say that palette blog is cool! thanks for sharing!

Erin said...

I love it, too.

JV said...

LOL - I followed the link & the picture of Anne Hathaway is HYSTERICAL! She looks like she has a giant starchy napkin tucked into her belt! ROFL - thanks, a great laugh before bed :)