Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catching up...

Just now getting to posting today, so it really will be random...

Valiant and I watched the inauguration today while we worked out. (The back of my legs, my butt, and the backs of my arms really hurt! I guess that is a good thing, right?) Did you watch it? As I explained to my children, the speeches, the parades, and the balls aren't what matters, what matters is that like him or not, we support the smooth transition of power in this country. It is calm, even if we disagree...that is something amazing when you actually stop to think about.

Ran some errands and went to Joann's while Buttercup was in gymnastics. I finally got some fabric to finish this simple Valentine's project from Little Birdie Secrets....I'm really excited to get started on it.

I had this amazing Pasta Fagioli crock pot recipe from Recipezaar cooking all day.

It will be accompanied by this amazing breadmaker Italian bread (you use the dough cycle and then just shape the loaves yourself) from All Recipes.

Dessert tonight will be these fantastic Snickerdoodle Muffins from Culinary Concoctions by Peabody.

If I had tasted the batter, I would absolutely confirm they are so good. Then, if, by any stretch of the imagination, I had eaten the top of a muffin fresh from the oven, I would cheerfully confirm that they are scrumptious. (Not that I would ever do those things!)

This is what my wall looks like these days. That cat seems to have moved on to the birds. Superman isn't certain we still have the paint for this room, so we might have to paint the entire room.

That's about it...oh, and Biggest Loser is on tonight...I LOVE Biggest Loser.


n3isme said...

0.0.... T_T I'm so jealous...... that sounds so good!! you've really gotten amazing at cooking! oh! I've started eating salad! it's SO weird - i actually like it! whether or not my newfound ability to enjoy salad is limited to spinach and ranch dressing or not, i think it's a plus.

Erin said...

Spinach and ranch dressing definitely play a role!

Clark said...

hmmmmmmm....there seems to be a problem with the Snickerdoodle muffin receipe! For some reason the tops of the muffins are coming off! When I went to get one this morning there were two in container with the tops missing! Is there too much baking powder that is blowing the tops off?????