Thursday, January 15, 2009

Meet "Gym"...

This is a picture of "Gym", as Gym is today. Gym hasn't always looked like this. In fact, Gym and I have had an on-again, off-again relationship for close to 30 years. In my younger days, I would cheerfully head to Gym's house and spend hours there EVERY DAY. I'd do a few aerobics classes, spend time on the LifeCycle, play on machines and then do it all over again. Then I got more responsibilities and my time at Gym's declined, but didn't fact, Gym moved and I got a new, fun place to visit. Honestly, at that point in my life, my social life seemed to be wherever Gym was. Gym was fun, I felt good when I spent time with Gym. This was definitely our on-again period.

Then I started seeing Superman and, frankly, Superman was a lot more fun to spend time with than Gym. Superman liked Gym well enough, but he didn't really want to spend any time with Gym. So, I'd see Gym in fits and spurts and it was fine. We weren't exactly broken up, but I really didn't see Gym much. Then Superman gifted me with Charming...I needed Gym, but didn't really enjoy my time with Gym. I was married, I had a baby and I had a job! Where was I supposed to fit Gym into my life. Valiant followed Charming and Buttercup followed Valiant. I was too busy for Gym and too busy to feel guilty for neglecting our relationship.

When Buttercup entered preschool, I started seeing Gym again. Oh, the exhilaration...I felt young, free, strong, and energetic. But that wasn't enough for Gym...whatever time I dedicated to Gym, it wasn't enough! The demands were endless..."you need to spend more time on the bike, a few more reps on the machine, why didn't you run today?, what do you mean you don't have time for a class?" Gym was never happy! Instead of feeling terrific, I felt inadequate. I wasn't capable of meeting the demands Gym was placing on me. I was definitely ready to break it off.

Then life intervened...I moved away from Gym. I was free!

But I was weak...and I let Gym move into my house! For a while, I was able to keep Gym under control, but pretty soon, Gym was demanding more than I could give. "What?! You only did 24 minutes on the bike? Why didn't you do 32? No work-out video? You know you have the time...obviously, you are a slacker!" So, I stopped seeing gym last it felt good. Oh, I visited twice in September, but that was was over.

That, I thought, was the saga of Gym and me...until now...

You see, it is starting up again...Gym's siren call is reaching out to me, "You know I'm good for you. You know you like me." Gym's seductive promises, "Come to me...I'll make you happy....I'll make your clothes fit'll look better without know you need me."

I think I'm weakening...I think I'll start seeing Gym again soon...just not quite yet.

[If you need inspiration to take care of yourself, I urge you to check out Melissa at 365 Days of Exercise. She has committed to do some form of exercise everyday for one year and is blogging about it. She's fantastic...)


Anonymous said...

NO!!!! Not Gym again!!!! There must be something we can do to keep him out of our life!

loveaphid said...

Gym and I have never been great friends. He's so boring and has a tendency to be judgmental. But I know that I need Gym in my life, I'm paying Gym even. Might be time to start having some tentative feeler conversations with Gym. Who knows maybe he's changed.

momstheword said...

Gym and I used to get together 5-6 days a week, and Mr. Weight-lifting and I would meet three days.

I am trying to get back to seeing Gym again by walking on my treadmill. Next week I will start exercising twice a week with some friends.

Melissa Henning said...

lol Gym. I still can't believe that went over my head the first time you mentioned it. Thanks for the mention in your blog and for the laugh! I enjoy your writing style. You're so silly :)

Anonymous said...

Nope, there's only one guy for me. I would never cheat on Hubby like that.
Besides, it was all his idea that I get bigger hips and a little (well, maybe not a little) wider across the tummy. "Kids will be fun", he said. "Kids will be cute," he said. So now he gets his reward. The kids are fun and cute.