Thursday, July 8, 2010

Unabashed Whining

Feel free to move on to another blog in your reader right here.  I'm whining.  I'm pouting.  I'm probably being snarky.

My ungrateful children gave me the plague.  I asked them not to.  Seriously.  When Buttercup came down with it more than a week ago, I told her I loved her and I would take care of her, but that she didn't need to share.  I think she shared.  A few bedtime kisses and some unscheduled coughs and sneezes may have done it.

But maybe it wasn't her.  Maybe Valiant did it after she shared with him.  Yep, 8 days after Buttercup came down with the plague, Valiant was felled.  That was Monday.  Today is Thursday.

Instead of playing around and coming up with a Shoot Me post or working on my Fertilizer Friday post, I caved...right after I finished all the grocery shopping, got the car smogged and registered and picked up a couch for my oldest son, the one who seems to have gone AWOL.  Right when I thought I'd be heaving a sigh of relief and doing a little bit of fun stuff, the sledge hammer hit.  I, too, have succumbed to the plague.

I told the kids they were bad children.  I whined via email to my sister.  I put my pajamas on.  I took drugs.  I feel horrible.  The kids don't seem to have much sympathy.  Valiant put Bean on my chest and she scratched me.  Buttercup generously told me that since I was dying I didn't have to read a chapter of our book at bedtime and, in the meantime, what could she have to eat?

I wonder if I'm already dead and this IS hell and I just don't recognize it because it looks so much like my bedroom.

Is hell being in my bedroom, feeling like I'm going to die, and feeling frustrated because I have so much I want to do?  Maybe.  That is it!  I've solved one of the worlds mysteries:  hell is my bedroom, sick as a dog, stuck playing solitaire because you can't fall asleep but you can't focus to read. 

Glad I figured that out.  Now I can go back to feeling sorry for myself.


Anonymous said...

Oh feel better soon. Look at the bright side, at least you know how long it lasts. And you know they have food until it ends. And they are big enough to fix you some hopefully along the way until you feel better. At the very least, go hid the cheetos now. Maybe God knew you needed a rest and this is really Heaven with a few sinus issues. LOL Try and enjoy it and see how long you can milk it. Maybe they won't remember how long it lasts.

Andrea said...

Feel better soon!! Sorry you are so miserable.