Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kindle for your PC

Have you ever heard of the Kindle?  It is Amazon's e-reader and it looks so cool.  Unfortunately, the price tag is far out of my reach.  Far enough out of my reach in fact, that I forced myself to stop  lusting after one.  (Keeping my kids clothed and fed is so darned inconvenient, you know?)

Amazon must have heard my secret thoughts, however, because they've made a Kindle for PC program available for FREE.  Have an iPod Touch or an iPhone?  They have an app for that.  Blackberry?  You're covered.  MAC?  You, too.  FREE, FREE, FREE.

Even better?  They have tons of books for download that cost exactly NOTHING.  Yep, free!   Obviously, they have thousands upon thousands of books you can buy and download, too.  I am just doing the happy dance for FREE right now.

Now, if you're not a voracious reader, this might not tickle your fancy.  Me and mine?  We think this is pretty darned cool.  I've been using it for more than a week and I am so jazzed.  It works just as "advertised" and my free books have been, well, free.  What more can I ask for?

So, if you're looking for some reading happiness, I recommend the Kindle for PC.   It is quick, easy, and free...again, what else can I ask for?


Lorrie said...

I've always thought about getting a Kindle. Wow I didn't know they had an app for the ipod. My little nano and I are very close! Have a great one!

Marie said...

I downloaded the free Kindle to my laptop and have really enjoyed the free books. I love it.
I enjoyed your 3 parts of decluttering. I have to ask myself before I buy something, is it a need or a want!