Saturday, July 3, 2010

On His Own...

Well, my first child has officially flown from the nest and is starting the next chapter of what has already been an exciting life.  Yep, Charming has moved out and into his own apartment.  No roommates.  No college cafeteria.  Just Charming and his "charming" new apartment. 

We loaded him up with the furniture we could give him and with the labor of friends, the trailer of Grandpa John's and some grunting and sweat (yes, he's on the 2nd floor), we got him moved in.

Buttercup even tried to embarrass him by wearing those socks and slippers. 

It didn't embarrass him, but Valiant was a bit bugged. 

He showed the boys his bedroom and it was time for us to go. 

He wanted us out, so he could start his very first night in his very first apartment and I could blame him.

I made him smile for a least one picture by telling him I was sending it to his dad and I hugged him and told him how proud of him I am.  Then we left. 

It was weird.  Happy weird.  Not even bittersweet.  He's worked so hard for this and is so obviously ready for this.  I was nothing but excited for him. 

Then I decided I'm weird for not being sad.  But maybe the college experience prepared us both for the fact that he's supposed to move along, fly from the next, do his own thing.  I guess he has a whole new meaning to apply to "Independence Day" this holiday weekend!

I'm happy.  He's happy.  It is all good.


jen@odbt said...

The next exciting! I don't think it's weird you're not sad - you are sharing in his adventure. I remember how excited I was when I moved out on my own

Clark said...

Wow! I wish I had been there to help carry stuff up to the second floor with you guys. I do not feel sad either. I feel very excited for him starting the next chapter in his life. So many opportunities and adventures are waiting for him. Love you Charming!

DarcyLee said...

With each of my first three daughters, I've kind of "felt" when they were ready to take flight, like they were adults now and needed to be out from under our wings. I haven't felt that with our youngest yet, even though I might after she has been away at college for awhile. It's exciting when our kids grow up because that's the way it's supposed to be. Best wishes to Charming and his new apartment!

Dani Joy said...

Wow! that´s a great step. Here in Spain they live with Mom and DAd till they are almost 30! It almost seemed odd to me that he would want to live in an apt all by himself. But I remembered that´s how it is in the States.

How far is he from you? He must be supporting himself pretty well now. Good for him!!

I can imagine you will miss him some what espcially having you hubby gone.

Dani Joy

generationsgoneby said...

Yup, my sister-in-law and I discussed it yesterday and we decided that is what going to college is for. It prepares us mommas as much as it prepares them and you know he's ready because he's shown you he is by how well he did there, where he was a little bit protected by advisers, RAs, professors, roommates, friends. Now he's ready for the real world and you know it as well as he does. I am sure a part of you is a little sad that he's moved into adulthood, just not enough to overwhelm the part that is incredibly proud of the man he's become. You've done a good job and he's done a great job. He's ready. AND he knows that if flying gets tough, he still has a landing pad at home. Let's just pray he never chooses to use it. My guess is he won't because he's so fiercely independent. Go Charming, show the world what you are made of. You have more than one momma proud of you this morning!

sewducky said...

LOL not weird at all, but then I'm the mo that tells the kid to do it himself, or teaches him how to do it.

I'm glad it's all worked out and everyone is happy!

Anonymous said...

Awww. That's so awesome.

Farmerteen rode 20 miles (to the Newman Lake grocery and back) yesterday . . . I was nervous about the traffic, and sat on my hands the whole time so I wouldn't call her.