Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs

I have no idea from which blog I got the idea, but this year, we used my scrapbook punches and masking tape to detail some of our colored eggs. The kids keep getting older and wanting more artistic expression to be reflected in their creations. This technique definitely gave us the opportunity to spread our egg coloring wings. As you can see by the picture, we learned as we went along, but the kids said, "this was the most fun EVER!", so I guess we'll be doing it again next year. Superman liked the idea of pinstriping and Valiant was going for a modern art vibe. Buttercup and I played the most with the punches. The masking tape was a pain to work with, be we thought the results were worth the effort.

Happy Easter!

(I'll be back Monday...)


n3isme said...

you guys are so fun!

loveaphid said...

Fun stuff, I guess you didn't find the freezer paper. Give it a try next year, it does make things easier. Happy Easter.

Erin said...

Freezer paper was for something else (exactly what, I cannot remember, but I know it wasn't the eggs)