Thursday, July 5, 2012

Only 119 Days...

My blog was interrupted by the happy arrival of my husband home for his first leave in six months and, honestly, I had no time to blog while he was home.  It was a whirlwind two and a half weeks.
Me and my boyfriend...
Superman's leave started with a car crash (thank goodness no one was hurt!).   Our beloved eldest crashed his car on the way to the airport...oops!   Charming was so lucky that Superman was home to fix the car...Superman is so handy to have around (and you thought he was strictly decorative!).  A jet-lagged day filled with elbow grease, axle grease, and some hours spent at the junkyard, and the car was ready for the road again.

Now everyone in this family know exactly what a "pickle fork" is and exactly
why you would use one.  Can your family say the same?
Two days later, the family got dirty again.  This time is was mud.  Yes, our second annual appearance at the Dirty Dash.  Again, dirty, muddy fun was had by all.

A dirty bunch, wouldn't you say?
After that, Father's Day was a joy to celebrate with Superman at home.  Don't I have a handsome family?
My family!
Then things slowed down a bit.  A lot of hanging around the house.  It felt good.  Both boys have jobs and Charming hasn't lived us for two years now, so we did a lot of the stuff we would normally take for granted...

Flying without a cape...not for the faint of heart!
There were a few chiropractor visits (with Superman demonstrating his flying technique for his daughter).

The cat doesn't let Superman interrupt her meal.
Superman tackled a bathroom repair that intimidated me.  (Water damage is nothing to take lightly.)

I promise, despite the bad photo, I'm certain those are MY children.
We hit the local water park.  I got enough sun that I'm still peeling...

We Nagles are always well-behaved at meals...can you tell?
We took advantage of the mild weather by taking meals out on the deck.

The girl and a pig with a screwdriver vs. Superman and broadsword.
Doesn't seem like a fair fight, does it?
 There was an impromptu sword fight.

Life in the technology age...parallel play extends to all ages.
In between, it was pretty much normal life.  We hung around being super exciting.

Buttercup and Bunny putting on happy faces as they say farewell to
Superman one last time he comes home for good!
 And, all too soon, his leave was over and we were back at the airport to send him off one LAST time.  (The boys had to work, so it was just Buttercup and me to fawn over him.  Still, I think we did pretty well.)

Did I mention there are only 119 days until he's home for good?  Not that we're counting, you understand!


gail@My Repurposed Life said...

Ohhh Erin, what a wonderful post! y'all are so busy! So glad the hubs was home to help with all those repairs....I'm sure he loves to be needed!
119 days will pass very quickly (I hope)
thanks for sharing your wonderful family with me.

Shelly u said...

Awwww! You guys are too sweet, and yes, you have a beautiful family!