Friday, July 6, 2012

New Door Knob

The door from our garage to our backyard is in desperate need of replacing, but I haven't the foggiest idea how to make sure a door is true (and this one is definitely off-kilter).  That project will need to wait for Superman's return this fall.  In the meantime, though, I was more than willing to tackle the project of replacing the old door knob.  It turned out to be more complicated than an I anticipated, but still, I prevailed and the new door knob is working out beautifully.

New door knob with nifty patch job!
First, I took off the old door knob.  Easy peasy.  So easy, in fact, that I forgot to take a picture of it.  Once the door knob and locking mechanism were removed, I was left with this hole.

This hole is way to big for a standard door knob.
I quickly determined that part of the problem with the old door knob was that the hole was actually too big for a standard door knob.  I was to "patch" a hole in a door.  Then inspiration hit.  Back to Home Depot I went to get these plastic wall guards that protect wall from the damage done by kids slamming the door knob into the drywall.  These things are so handy...if you haven't used them, you'll thank me after you do.  (Not that my angels have ever put a dent or a hole in a wall, you understand.  They've always been paragons of restraint...NOT!)  These come in two sizes and I bought two of the larger size.  Back home again, I needed to drill door knob-sized holes in them before sticking them to the door.  There is actually a bit to do that job.

I think this is the size the previous owners used when they installed the original
door knob.  At close to 3", it is far too large.
This is the correct bit, but the wrong size.  I couldn't find the correct size, so I had to improvise.

I think the bit I used is for making counter-sink holes...maybe to seat washer and screws,
but I really don't know.  All I know is that I was able to make it work for my project.
Got out a scrap board, grabbed my husband's drill (mine didn't like the job), lay my plastic disk down (after figuring out where the hole needed to be--off-centered to work on the door), stepped on the disk to hold it in place (high-tech, I know), and drilled the hole.

Notice my foot holding the disk in place?  Necessity is the mother of weird techniques!
Thanks for letting me use your new drill, Honey.  It worked beautifully and had
a lot more power than mine.  You're too sweet!
After that, I fit the door knob in the new hole and then removed the covering from the adhesive tabs.  It was simple to fit the piece into the locking mechanism already in the door and then I just pressed firmly on the disk and the door was patched and my door knob was in the correct position.

By fitting the door knob mechanism in the hole before I put it through the door,
I had the opportunity to finesse it a bit to get it exactly the way I wanted it.
It was quick work to drill the hole in the other plastic disk and fit it properly. 

Felt pretty foolish when Valiant pointed out my error, but, hey, at least I knew
how to correct it!  Plus, I had canine supervision...they should have told me.
After that, I screwed it all together and was quite proud of myself...right up until Valiant asked me why I installed in backwards.  Sigh.

Now it is done correctly.  Even the dogs got bored by this point...
Pulled the door knob apart, turned the mechanism over, put it all back together, and we have a new door knob on our garage-to-backyard door.

Beautiful, isn't it?
 I confess, I felt pretty productive after I finished that little project.  Day 118 of Productivity can be considered successful!

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