Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Handiest Tool Ever!

One of the best gifts I got this year (Superman's presence notwithstanding), was this amazing Black & Decker All-in-One Sure Grip Laser Level.  Seriously.  This thing is fabulous!  My friend Mrs. R picked it up after my beloved Buttercup was a good little elf and, noticing that I wanted one, passed that tip along.  I am so glad she did...it is awesome!

Perfectly aligned!
It comes in two parts...the "sticks on the wall" part with the suction cup and the actual level with the laser part that magnetically attaches to the suction cup part.  It really does stick on the wall, too.  In this example, this is a wall painted with flat paint that might possibly be dusty and that sucker stayed up the entire time I needed it to.  (Supposedly it can stay attached as long as two hours, but I can't vouch for that amount of time.)  The best part?  It is crazy-simple to use.  The light on the level turns green when the bubble is actually in the "level" position...no guess work, no eye-balling it.  It is either green or it is red.  Woot!

So, I stuck it on the wall and lined up the level so the light turned green...

The laser remains visible throughout!
Lined up my line of vinyl...

And, voila!, it is done!

The most difficult part was standing on the ladder to get the lettering up so high!

Seriously, if you find getting things level to be a hassle, this is the tool for you.   I can't believe how much use I've gotten out of it just in the first week of owning it.   After thinking it was going to be "stupid", Superman used it to install some corner shelving on the wall for Buttercup and the laser rounds the corner to make even corner shelves a snap.  He concedes that this tool is really handy...high praise, indeed!

Did I mention the laser goes around the corner?
How cool is that?  We've already hung more vinyl, pictures, a headboard and a mirror with this level.  It is just so handy.  This little tool is definitely worth the $25 purchase price and I'm so grateful to have it!


Sew Ducky said...

I have been laughing at this for a couple of days.

Not because it's not handy, or that your lettering and quotes aren't amazing, but because I've eyeballed those nick knack shelves I have in my house.

Even? Maybe. On accident, perhaps. I should get you to come hang them in the future!

loveaphid said...

Hey I just got mine!!!! Thank you, Thank you. I Love it, although at first it confused me because we did not look at the included paperwork. Fig said "I didn't order it and I said I didn't order it, but I'm keeping it, we have a ton of things to hang!" It is awesome.

Thanks again.


pam said...

We have our eye on one of these! Very glad to know they actually do work!

One of the things I like about you is that you are a woman who appreciates good useful tools! And would most likely not be upset if you received something useful with a cord attached as a gift!!!

I love useful things! Like the leaf blower/vacuum I got for my birthday!

Erin said...

Pam, you will love it! I pinky-promise...and, as for tools, my big wish list item? A new DeWalt compound mitre saw! Yeah, I'll have to wait a long while for that one!!