Friday, November 12, 2010


Almost two years ago, I wrote this post to my newly-connected sister.  (We had a blog to get to know each other...each of us had to post something about ourselves each was super cool  and it is till up, but we're not posting anymore, if you're curious.)  On January 4, 2009, I wrote a post about my love of make-up and, specifically, lip gloss.  To my sister, who is NOT a make-up girl, my post must have been quite the eye-opener.  I'll bet she never imagined anyone could wax poetic about lipgloss.

This is part of what I wrote back then:
"I love the way lip gloss looks, I love the way lip gloss feels. They are so much lighter and smoother than lipstick.

My lip gloss addiction is more acceptable in polite society than the addiction I had in the 80s...eye shadow that matched my clothes! Lip gloss is more forgiving, too, as lip gloss faux pas don't stand out the way blush or eye shadow mistakes do. You can be daring with lip gloss and try pink, even as you'd never wear pink lipstick. Pink gloss can be a hint, a shimmer, a aren't commited to a slash of can ease into it.

So, there you have it..."My name is Erin and I am a Gloss-a-holic". "

I still chuckle when I read that.

Two years later, I have a lot less make-up and lip gloss than I did when I wrote that post (simplification even met my make-up drawer), but I still love lip gloss.  Seriously.

A few days ago, we headed over to JCPenney to pick up a catalog order (if you have tall kids or a tall husband, JCPenney is our go-to store for talls).  I negotiated in advance with Valiant so I could spend a few minutes in the Sephora store.  I love Sephora...all the colors, all the textures.  (Oh, how I missed Sephora when we moved up here...sigh...this Sephora in a JCPenney has only been here a year and I still get giddy when I think of it.)  I couldn't leave without some lip gloss, right? 

I bought these adorable keychain lipglosses by Bare Escentuals.  The air here is so dry in winter, I always have something on my lips and I love that I could attach these cuties to my keychain (one at a time).  They're about 2" long.  There are three sheer, shimmery colors: a pinkish, a brownish and a goldish.  Honestly, I just love them.

But wait, I wasn't the only one indulging in a little lip gloss therapy.  Buttercup is 11 1/2 and I'm leading her down the primrose path of lip gloss addiction, too!  (Yes, I am a lip gloss dealer or enabler or whatever.)   She stepped up from Bonnie Belle Lipsmackers (my all-time favorites!) and got this sheer assortment of lipgloss minis by Sephora.  (Yes, they're sheer and she's only allowed to wear them on special occasions.  She really shuns make-up, which is a good thing, given that her peers don't.)

So, now you know the truth.  My name is Erin and I'm STILL a gloss-aholic.

(Superman...I'm so winning this bet.  I told you she'd be girly after year with me.  Bart Simpson is out and lip gloss is in.  Tough break!)

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