Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blogging your way through life's transitions...

My friend DarcyLee named her now-retired-blog "In This Season".   The title described her blog's help her work her way through a new stage in her life, one in which her role was being redefined as her children aged up and out of the house.  Her blog helped her work through this time, celebrating her past role and learning to love her new one.  Then it became superfluous and in her life's priorities, it fell off the list.  Completely understandable, don't you think?

As for me, I found blogging for the same oldest child was headed off to college and it was clear he'd not be living at home full-time after he finished.  Suddenly, it was clear, this job I've loved so much had an expiry...and that was something I'd never spent much time thinking about.   I was also hungry to learn new things...things about cooking, gardening, and home-making in general.  It has been two years now that I've been blogging and I'm beginning to think my transition is almost complete. 

I still love reading blogs and learning new things, but I don't feel as if I'm working through things anymore.  I don't feel as compelled to write it all down, to sift through it all.   With Superman overseas, I know my blog will continue because he loves reading about all the things we do around here and I have fun sharing it with him, but I suspect my blog will become even more random.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'll completely understand if this is not what you're looking for in a blog...a little of this and a little of that.


Anonymous said...

I think when you follow a blog, you are following the person and his/her thoughts. None of us are one thing. My blog is supposedly about researching my ancestors and the things that get me sidetracked. But it's more about the thinks that get me sidetracked. I don't really care if I have tons of followers or just one, me. I write it for me, when I have time, about the feelings I am having right then. Write about what you want to write. Your blog is about you. No one else can tell you that you have to write about a certain topic. And when you no longer need to write, shut it down. But do it for you, not the audience.

Anonymous said...

When I started Tangled Zen - I started it with the idea that I was going to leave all of the emotional growth stuff at the door and focus more on the hobby stuff (which was/is lacking in my day to day). It was suppose to be a way to get me back into crafting but I wasn't done exploring who I was yet. Now, I've strangely found myself in a new spot and am not sure which direction to take my blog. I've thought of "retiring" all together lately, but instead, I'm opting to wait and leave it as is until the answer comes to me more clearing.

I agree with generations above - I read your blog because I enjoy your perspective, the way you write and whatever you write about. I didn't start following your blog because you had cleaning, parenting, crafting - whatever - advice. I just really liked the things you wrote.

Whatever you decide to write about and however random I'm sure will be perfect for you - which is what this is suppose to be all about right?!

Alicia said...

Oh, Erin..I totally know what you mean, and how you feel! With this new transition in our life, I have less time to jot everything down. But, I was encouraged when you wrote to me and suggested that I share our school experience! I will do that..I just need to get it in order in my head!!!

Anonymous said...

This was really interesting. I loved reading it