Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Keeping Myself Honest and Saving Fabric for Specific Jobs

Since we're in the midst of aggressive debt reduction, I have to be very careful about any money we spend.  One of the things I cannot do anymore is buy fabric just because it is pretty.  I cannot troll the fabric aisles at Walmart or head to JoAnn's  or Hancock's to see what might be on sale.  Without a project in mind, I "just say no".  Any fabric I buy these days must have an assigned purpose.  (Tragic, I know.)

What I still can do, however, is take advantage of a sale before I'm ready to tackle a new sewing project.   For example, I found the perfect fabric for my new dining room seat covers when I was at the fabric store looking for a new piece of hardware for my overalls. It was an awesome deal on the right color on the remnant table and I nabbed it.   I haven't been ready to sew said seat covers, however, and keeping the fabric in the plastic bag from the store isn't very useful.  So, what do you do with fabric that you've assigned for a certain task, but you can't tend to right away?  You have to put it somewhere, right?  You want it protected.  You want to remember where you stashed it. You don't want to forget why you bought it, right?

Well, if you're like me, you probably hold on to weird things, such as these zipper pouches that curtain panels and sheets often come in.  (Oh, come on, you know it is so difficult to throw away something that looks like it should be so useful!)

I had a zillion of these at one time, but I did break down and donate most of them.  Still, I held on to quite a few because I was certain I could come up with something amazing and I did!

Ta Da!  These zipper pouches are perfect for special project fabric.  Most of them even have this little pouch that the labeling was housed in.  I just turned the label around and wrote my own label.   Not only do they keep the fabrics safe, they keep me honest.  I can't very well say I "need" fabric, when I've got some these fabric pouches waiting to be used, now can I?

P.S.  They're also terrific for wet bags, impromptu diaper/wipe stashes - even an extra baby outfit if you have a big enough bag (like one from a duvet cover or king-sized sheet set) - when I had babies, I had diapers, wipes, and a change for clothes for baby stashed in each car, each bag, and really anywhere I could think of.  They saved the day more times than I'd like to admit.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but now where do you put that, because I bought #2 a mattress cover (normally $40) at Target last year after the college stuff went on clearance for $5. Yeah, she moves in the dorms in 2 months and I can't for the life of me remember where I put it. I know it's in this house, saw it at Christmas and said, I need to make sure #2 knows I have this, (think I may have even given it to her as a present) but what we did with it after that?

Just hoping it shows up in the next few weeks because it's going to really stink having to pay full price for one when I know there's one in this house some where.