Monday, June 14, 2010

Spray Painting Fool...

I blame Sharon at Keen Inspirations.  Or maybe I blame the blog Better After.  Or maybe I blame House of Hepworth.  Maybe I should just blame them all.  I've become a - gasp - spray painting fool.

Seriously.  I think I am a victim of the Power of Suggestion.  The first sunny day in weeks saw me outside with two cans of spray paint and I went a bit wild.

Suddenly all the little things that have bugged me have gotten to be too much and I've painted them.  All of them.

The white frame on my memo board above my desk?  It is now black.  I think it looks fabulous against the "macaroni & cheese" orange in the family room.  

The off-white frame of the upstairs magnet board/key hook?  Black.

So ,too, the mirror than was formerly Buttercup's and is now Valiant's (it had been cheerfully decorated with hamsters and rainbows when it lived with Buttercup and wasn't Valiant's cup of tea-go figure), and the tarnished-never-polished-brass candlesticks that never seemed to go with anything.  Nothing escaped my spray painting hands.   The weird little plastic tray that was turquoise, orange, and yellow stripes?  Black. (It is now in my bathroom holding retainers and watches quite neatly.) The unfinished basket that was holding mail?  Black and holding remote controls in the family room.  Seriously. 

Even this cute little bird is now black.  (Isn't this bird cute?  I got it at Lowe's last year for $1.48...I just didn't know how to use it.  As you can see, I've figured it out.)

Then, sadly, I ran out of paint.   The mixing ball in the can of paint had nothing to impede its progress as it rattled around in the can.  Two cans of spray paint drained dry and I was finished.

Oh, one more thing...

Did I mention that Sharon at Keen Inspiration has read my mind and posted about turning a bowling ball into a faux gazing ball?  Surprise...she used spray paint!  I think the future is clear for Charming's bowling ball.  What do you think?


Clark said...

Wow! Great job on the makeovers! I love the black against the orange and I can not wait to see the bowling ball come to life.

Andrea @ said...

Love the blog background! Love the makeovers too.

Anonymous said...

I've always done that with bulletin boards, but what I do is use the room paint, add a little brown or black to deepen the tone, and then paint it. (Using a brush). It will be the same color as the room only darker. That way it stands out a little from your wall and yet seems to go with the room at the same time. A cheap way to accent the room and comes in more colors that way. JUST BE CAREFUL a little black goes a VERY LONG WAY.

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Spray paint - wonderful! Hey thanks for the gazing ball instructions... I think I hid an old bowling ball away last fall with this idea in mind but hadn't thought about it since then .... I better see if I can find it. It used to be grandpas!

Myself said...

I never said anything but the other day I was looking at all your little details and thinking, "I should do that or I should do this" and "all those little details make for such an interesting room" - so THIS is your secret!! Very cool!