Monday, May 3, 2010

No More Wind or Guess Who Is Afraid of the Wind?

We are having crazy winds again. This is so weird. (You might remember that the last "weird" windstorm demolished my beloved greenhouse.) Today's winds aren't quite as bad as those. My dad, the purveyor of all weird weather trivia, informs me that today's winds are gusting above 50, but the winds from a few weeks ago were in the 60s. Got that? Okay.
So, now that I've bored you with Eastern Washington wind news, my post. Remember my cleaned out under-desk area from Saturday? All that nice clean space for my feet? Well, it really isn't feeling so spacious right now. In fact, I can't fit my feet under the desk at all!

It seems that Lucy really doesn't like the wind:

The rug is for my feet, which get cold on the ceramic tile. Obviously, Lucy sees it differently. (Can't you just hear her saying, "Please don't make me move...I'm scared!"?)

P.S. She's been stuck to me like glue. Just be glad I didn't take a picture when she followed me into the restroom!


Joy Taylor said...

She is very happy that you cleaned her up a spot to sit with you!

Beth in NC said...

Poor little doggy. Fear is bad -- even for a dog. :o)

Andrea said...

Poor Lucy!
Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Sarah said...

This wind is CRAAAAAAZY!!!!!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Poor Lucy.... what a great place for her to be right by your feet!

Alicia said...

LOL, our newest puppy CRIES outside the bathroom door, and if he can get his way in there somehow, I don't want to carry him while I do my business! LOL