Monday, March 29, 2010

Making Your Home Sing Monday - Unplugged

It is Making Your Home Sing Monday and our home has been humming right along. Nothing has changed. This past week, we enjoyed having Charming home from college for his spring break. It was really nice. We also celebrated Buttercup's 11th birthday. Now, this week the neighborhood kids have spring break and my home-schooled children have spring break right along with them. I'm taking this time to breathe. Seriously...just breathe.

How does this relate to Making Your Home Sing? We've deliberately unplugging. I'm like MTV, just not as cool! Seriously. Have you noticed that the frequency of my posts has declined? (Oh, please say you have!) Well, anyway, even if you haven't noticed that I'm posting less, I have been posting less. I'm spending more time sewing and taking care of the greenhouse/garden. Getting up and getting out.

So, what have we been doing instead of sitting in front of the computer/game system/television? Well, last weekend we had the opportunity to volunteer on a home improvement project for someone who really needed help. (You can go here if you want to see more about that.)

Saturday evening, we started Game Night up again. I missed it, the kids missed it and craft night was too chaotic. It was fun.

Yesterday, we did quite bit of yard work, getting the backyard ready for spring. (Valiant even mowed the back lawn.)

And today we invited a group of our homeschooling friends to our home for lunch and for play. The kids played outside for a while and then, yes, the kids did play Rock Band, but they played together. (We were hoping for a weenie roast and s'mores, but the weather foiled our plans.) The kids had a ball, the moms enjoyed the time to chat, and before anyone realized it, 1 o'clock became 5:45 p.m.

And that, my friends, is how we're making our home sing. We're trying to give more of ourselves and worry less about things. We're trying to interact in real life rather than living a life full of parallel play with one child on a computer, one child on a game system, and me watching a documentary, reading a blog, or whatever. Tra la la...that is our song!

Have a happy week...I know I will.

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Miti said...

Just like I was saying...

You can make your home sing by giving your kids a little time and attention. It's nice to know that others agree. That's awesome!!!

Tracey said...

I am also seeking to be unplugged a bit more - giving my time to my family and their needs instead of spending it with the computer. Thanks for letting me know that others are doing it, too!

Joyfull said...

This post is truly like a breath of fresh air! Unplugging time now and again is very important. Especially this week as it is spring break and time to enjoy time at home and with each other. Thanks for the encouragment.

momstheword said...

It is good to just cut back and relax a bit sometimes, isn't it? Love how you all are spending quality family time together. It's so easy for everyone to wind up in different rooms sometimes. We have to make a concentrated effort to do stuff together, as it's not going to just happen.

Thanks for linking up and enjoy your break!