Monday, March 8, 2010

Making Your Home Sing Monday - Just Humming Along

It is 9:44 PM Monday night and I'm just now getting to my blog post...that should tell you how busy I've been keeping myself. It is still Making Your Home Sing Monday and I'm jumping in at the 11th hour! My sister sent me an email a few hours ago asking if my home was singing. It is, I promise.
Attitude is everything. I guess you can say that or hear it enough. Nan asks us to do this exercise of "Making Your Home Sing Monday" to remind us to stop to think about how you and your attitude determine/steer the attitudes of everyone else in your home. We try. I know we all do. Every week I read about the commitments to home that all of us make. Even so, sometimes it takes a little bit of sunshine to help you line everything up. The plague (okay, the really bad cold) has left our house. Everyone is finally feeling well and, to help us right along, this past weekend was beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous. Warm (in the high 50s and I heard rumors of low 60s) and bright. I spent hours in the greenhouse tending to baby plants. I heard the neighbors out doing yard work and I got the kids out with me to do some preliminary yard work, too. We even cleaned up the garage!

I was inspired, so I kept going: I cleaned out more stuff from the "black hole" and made a few trips to Goodwill. We had people over again for Craft Night/Game Night. (This week it was two moms talking while the kids played.) I even got out of the house to have dinner with Mrs. M and her kids last night.

My point?

A terrific weekend set us up for a wonderful week and we're planning on taking advantage of it. I woke up in such a good mood and nothing has shaken it. I think we've truly turned the corner with dealing with Superman's absence and have settled well and good into a new rhythm.

I've been able to stick to my "no yelling" challenge and the kids have responded so well. Me? Yell? I know...difficult to believe, but I do. I mean, I did. For the past four weeks, I've privately challenged myself to stop yelling. The change in our home is palpable and I feel badly that I've not challenged myself to do this sooner. Homeschooling is easier when I manage my frustration with intelligence rather than escalating.

Oh, and as I was heading to Goodwill to drop off even more stuff today, I saw a very good-looking young man standing on the street corner by the university. We thought, "Hey, that is a good-looking young man...I wonder what he's doing?" So, I had Valiant give his brother's cell a call and discovered that Charming (yes, he was the young man standing on a street corner!) was heading out to get his taxes done, so we picked him up and took him with us and then kept him all evening. Is it kidnapping if it is your own child you pick up off the street?

Friday night I cut out six pairs of pajama pants - yes, six! - and today I got them ALL sewn. Did I mention no one in my family is short--Charming has a 37" inseam, for goodness' sake. That makes for a lot of sewing! (Okay, I have to do the ribbon ties on the waistbands for two pairs, but I was able to send Charming home with his two pair.) I blame Andrea at The Train to Crazy for all this sewing. She has this Make It/Wear It sewing challenge going on and I didn't quite commit to participate, but I've been heading over to see what everyone else is doing and I just couldn't resist. My fingers were itching to get to the sewing machine. So, my back hurts, my arms hurt, and my neck is tired, but I have a huge smile of accomplishment on my face.

So what am I doing to Make My House Sing this week? Honestly? Nothing. Nothing is broken, so nothing is changing. We had a terrific day and we'll just be humming right along this week. Sometimes, you just need to stop and be grateful for where you are right in this moment. Life is good, even if it is not perfect.

P.S. I guess I wasn't the only one inspired by the weather...Momstheword's post is about Spring Cleaning! It must be in the air!


Susan Tipton said...

6 pairs of pajamas is quite an achievement- so is the no yelling.

Thanks for your encouragement on the non-pushy parenting front. Our oldest is about to go to college- this whole parenting grown (or almost grown) children is a new adventure in learning Not to always speak my mind:)

Andrea said...

That's a lot of pajamas! And my goodness, a 37" inseam takes a lot of fabric :)

Good for you on the no yelling challenge! It is one of those things that just creeps into our lives. My mom was not a yeller and I really appreciate that about her. I only hope that my children can say that about me. I think I should take that no yelling challenge myself!

Andrea said...

"attitude is definitely everything"...
Hugs, andrea

Charlene said...

A verse I try to remind myself of frequently is "Godliness and contentment is great gain." We do often forget to just be content and grateful for what we have, and who we are.

DarcyLee said...

I'd say you have more than just a little humming going on at your house-what a busy girl you are! Have a great week, my friend.