Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blog, Interrupted!

I anticipated a different blog post for Wednesday morning, but this little guy spent most of the day at our house on Tuesday. A worthwhile diversion, don't you think? Baby K and Buttercup bonded over a bottle. She was in love. Being the baby of the family, she hasn't spent a lot of time with babies and was really nervous when Baby K started hanging out at our house. It was good to see her warm up and jump in. Valiant played with Baby K on the floor (yes, on a blanket) and was, as always, smitten. Having said that, both kids headed for the hills when I discovered a poopy diaper! Hey, what can I say? They're kids!

P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Kiss me, I'm Irish! (Duh! My name is Erin!)
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DarcyLee said...

That's what my Mondays look like at our house every week! Lots of downtime with our baby girl. Lots of fun, but not a soul in sight when a stinky diaper needs changing! Have a happy St. Patrick's Day, Erin. Here's a kiss!

Andrea said...

He is adorable!

loveaphid said...


Kiss me too I'm Irish too. :-) (I am your sister after all - on the Irish side.)

Anonymous said... cute.

I run for the hills when poopy diapers are done, too, so I can't blame them.

Babies and me don't get along. We get a long fine, and they all like me, but I hold them awkwardly and go "Uh you want to take this back, please?! Really, take it back."

Anonymous said...

I didn't recognize Buttercup, her hair looks so much darker here. Boy has baby K grown! He's such a cutie. Babies are always worthwhile distractions especially other people's babies when you know you are helping Momma out a little and having fun to boot. We had a great spring break though we nearly froze. Where, oh where is spring? So looking forward to some warm weather. It snowed today. But they say upper 60s by Wednesday. Am I ever ready??? You bet ya. This has been a long winter. LOL