Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Do you want to see some pictures from our party?

Yeah, I thought so!

The star of the party arrived early on. Look at this proud daddy. Mrs. M gave birth to baby Kaleb on the 20th and she brought him to the party! Did you notice the adorable Santa outfit? As you can imagine, a 2-week old baby did not lack for arms to hold him.

Miss Sue got him first. (If you look at the first picture, she barely let Mr. M get into the house...see? She's peeking right at the baby as Mr. M walks in and she's sitting on the stairs with Kaleb.)

Then Angela got him (she was the other one who ambushed Mr. M when he first walked in, but she had to get that darned jacket off, costing her valuable time in the baby race!). Joy made Angela give him up so she could have her turn while she joined in the reindeer games. She kept Kaleb while Mrs. M looked on. (Wasn't she awesome to even come to the party 2 weeks after giving birth? I think the fact that we live one block from each other helped!)

Finally, finally, I got my turn and my friend Mrs. R. got a picture when I was blurting out a guess in our annual Men vs. Women Pictionary game. (Look how little he is!)

This is what the table with the gingerbread houses looked like when it was surrounded by children.

Did I mention the Men won the Pictionary Game this year? As you can see, they weren't having any fun at all.
(This is James attempting to get someone on the Men's side to guess "The World's Fair" - it didn't take long.) Doesn't Superman make a good easel?

Serious thought is going on here!

P.S. Tricia, don't doubt it for a minute: if you'd been here, you'd have been at the party!


Alicia said...

Erin...looks like a great party, and you my dear, look awesome!

Marcelle said...

You so lucky I didnt arrive at your party as none of you would have gotten a chance to hold that adorable baby!!!!!

Darla said...

What a great party!!

Tricia said...

Erin, you are the hostess with the mostest!!! And you are as gorgeous as ever! I would have LOVED to have been at your party - it looked like everyone had so much fun...and I definitely would have wanted a turn with little Kaleb!

Question: Can anyone become a follower on your blog? I have a couple of friends who I know would enjoy getting it firsthand instead of through me all the time (I've copied and pasted interesting tidbits and recipes in e-mails). I don't see a link to hook them up directly, but in any case, I wanted to get your permission first.

Anonymous said...

You do look beautiful my dear. That looked like so much fun! And a baby to play with too. How exciting. Can't believe those teenager girls didn't have to have a turn though. LOL You did an awesome job and you look beautiful. Of course you always have to us.

momstheword said...

You look so pretty and look how long your hair is getting!

Would you email me and tell me if this game night it for the neighbors or people from church or what?

I was thinking that would be an easy thing for us to do and the kids would love it (except the oldest is always gone Friday nite for worship).

If we did it Saturday night we'd have to end early as hubby preaches in the morning and my 21 year old has to get up for worship.

Do you just have an open house? Do people bring friends. If you'd rather write a blog post instead of emailing me that'd be great too. I'd just like to know the particulars.

If we ever make it your way I am sooooo coming to game night!!!!!!

love ya! ~ Nan