Wednesday, December 2, 2009

30 Day Challenge - Day 17 (Museum Day Edition)

Well, it is Day 17 and Museum Day. What does that mean? It means we had to get our workouts done in time for us to leave the house before noon. Since we figured people would be more inclined to sit near us if we showered before we headed out, that had to be scheduled in as well. That makes for a hectic morning.

So, here it is 11:27 and Valiant is in the shower. Day 17 is done. The video wasn't a problem, but I am so tired today. Seriously dragging. I'd say I was tired enough to skip it, but that never occurred to me. Instead, I was wishing I could have two or three more hours before I did it. The bike nearly killed me. Today's workout was one of those where all I can say is, "It is done and I am done and that is all there is to it." So, there.

Day 17 is finished... no whining, no complaining, but not exactly exhilarating.

My friend at Generations Gone By got in her 30 minutes on the Wii yesterday (yes, she did extra) and my sister LoveAphid swears she'll be starting up again today. She hasn't done it since the today is going to be a humbling experience! In the meantime, you should head over to Gens and see if you can't help her find Baby Jesus...he's gone missing. Also, my friend Melissa is back on track after a difficult few weeks...go say, "Hi"...she's got less than a month until she's done 365 Days of Exercise and she's starting a push to lose 10 pounds by the end of the year...pretty impressive, don't you think?

Okay, I'm headed for the showers...see you later...

What will you do to make yourself feel proud?


Anonymous said...

Stripping wallpaper today and man do my shoulders hurt. And now I can't take a hot shower because the shower is out of commission. What was I thinking? Oh well, at least I got one wall done right? Only 7 more to go. Then spackling, sanding, painting, and house guests by the 19th. We can do this right?

loveaphid said...

I did it! Day 10. Its hard not to when your nephew is mocking you calling a slacker wimp. He was right of course, but that doesn't mean I have to take it sitting down. And yes... It was a miserable and humbling experience, thank you very much for rubbing that in! Tell me again why I like having a sister and a nephew. *sigh*

Erin said...

Gens, of course you can do this and you'll be so proud of yourself when you see the finished product!

LA, I know, we're awesome!

Anonymous said...

Erin, Right now, I have a bathroom out of commission, wallpaper everywhere, half on the walls, half off, and boy am I tired. Hubby needs to take down the lights and mirror so I can work behind those. Had to go to the doctor for a heart echo today. I think it went well, will know in a few days. I always have buyer's remorse the first day of a home improvement progect. But I was tired of the wallpaper falling where it was getting steamed off the walls.

Always a Southern Girl said...

I have gotta start excerising.