Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Young Job Hunter

Look how tall!  See the
door frame?
Our sixteen-year old son, Valiant, has been tasked with getting a job.  Just as our parents expected of us, we expect our children to get jobs when they are legally able.  Oh, and to add to his incentive, we won't let him get a driver's license until he has a job.  No job, no driving without Mom or Dad.  The boy has incentive and a chauffeur.  Now he just needs to get a job.  As you might have heard, it is a tough job market out there.  Applicants need to be sharp, look sharp, and present themselves in a way that will set them apart from all the other applicants. 

Oh, and he whips out a smile
when he shows up to apply!
This is how our Valiant is dressed to drop off applications and resumes, to follow up on the same, and, of course, for any interviews he can snag.  (From a mother's point of view, it is even more impressive when you realize everything he's wearing other than the tie had to be special ordered because the boy is so tall!)

So, what do you think?  Doesn't he look sharp?   Wouldn't you give him a job?  Let's hope someone else agrees with us!  I'm ready for him to get a job and quit my job as chauffeur for the job search.


momstheword said...

Hi, Erin! Yes, he looks sharp and I would totally give him a job. On occasion I have seen teenagers come in to apply for jobs when I am out and about on errands, and so many of them do not dress professionally.

Both my boys have had jobs for years (they are both working their way through college). I love how you tied it to getting a license. What a great idea.

I have a friend with a son in college and she just can't get him to get a job. He just didn't want one. As she was paying for his college and expenses, it is frustrating for her. (Of course, I know what *I'd* do in that case, but everyone is different, lol!)

Clark said...

Okay, I have looked at this picture quite a few times and I am just amazed at how much he has grown and how good looking he is. But I also keep hearing that song by Pink....why so serious? Raise your glass!!!!

Erin said...

It must have worked because he got a job! Woot!