Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lawn Mowing Barbie

When one is a 13-year old girl with a lawn-mowing job, the execution of your duties presents the possibility for sartiorial splendor. 

Unlike her brothers before her, who quickly wilted in the heat of the day, my Buttercup decided to give the sun a run for its money in the brightness category, all the while, maximizing the potential for a little bit of a tan. 

I tell you, despite the fact that she's now lived more than half her life in Eastern Washington, this young lady is definitely a Southern California girl.

An hour and a half later, she had pink cheeks and her shoulders and arms had definitely been kissed by the sun.  Mission accomplished in style.  Between you and me, I think she got lucky that she didn't end up with a tan line from her knee socks!


Mac said...

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Clark said...

Who the heck is Mac and why are they spamming? Knock it off! Is lawn mowing Barbie going to be release this summer? Way too cute!