Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dad is waaay more fun!

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One of the things Valiant wanted to do with his dad was to build a small catapult.  (Okay, not really.  Valiant wanted to build a castle-storming-sized catapult, but met up with reality!)

This is what they whipped up one afternoon.  They had a blast.  Authentic down to the rope creating the tension, they were shooting that tennis ball across the cul de sac. Sounds like a great father-kid type of activity, doesn't it?  

I agreed.  Really, I did.  Right up until fire was added to the equation.

What?!  You thought I was kidding?  Nope.  They decided that using a burning tennis ball would be far more "cool" than just using a plan old tennis ball.

So, if the tennis ball was to be burned, of course we had to wait until dark to make it super cool, right?  Defeated, I elected myself as the official camera person and recorded it for posterity.  I'm glad I did.  Otherwise, we would have missed the "natives" dancing around the fire! 

There you have it!  Proof positive that Dad is WAY more fun.  He lets the kids burn stuff!


Anonymous said...

That one made me smile. Those moments are the types of things remember forever.

Clark said...

This was way cool to make. May I point out the manly fasteners and extra heavy duty rope? I want to make a trebuchet next time! We can chuck a pumpkin with that!