Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blogs seem to remind me...

...that the world is filled with amazing people. I started reading blogs as an attempt to learn new frugal tricks and learn to cook more things from scratch...oh, yes, and I was trying to find a "put in a zipper" tutorial that actually made sense to me. The more blogs I read, the more entranced I was...people from all over the world (literally, not just figuratively) kindly share their knowledge and experiences "just because". Even the baby steps of things that so many people take for granted. Did a little deeper, and you find more than find "we care". The bloggers I've run into seem to really care whether or not the cake recipe turned out for you, or whether or not you were able to open the little download they provided. Bloggers I've read care that you are trying to save a buck, but have your home feel open and generous and welcoming. Finally, they care when people are having a hard time of things...when their challenges seem overwhelming or even life-threatening.

So, when Generations Gone By tagged me back with a "Your Blog is Fabulous award" (which was so sweet and kind and made me feel special), I decided that I would not list five more things I'm addicted to, but that I would feature four blogs that have inspired me, touched me, and renewed my faith in a meaningful way. These bloggers have supported people in ways that have touched my very soul. I urge you to check them out. (The fifth blog is just one that I absolute love and thought you might, too!)

C Jane Enjoy It - Jane (her name is Courtney, but she used to call herself Jane, or vice versa) started her blog as a way to deal with the challenge of infertility. Last August, however, her blog (and her life) were changed by the plane crash that critically injured her sister and brother-in-law (and took the life of the pilot friend). Suddenly, in addition to getting used to life as a new mother, she had 3 of her sister's four children with her, and she was trying to raise money for the medical bills and keep her sister's blog alive (NieNie), waiting for her eventual return to blogging. Her efforts on behalf of her family have been truly astounding and inspiring.

Bunny's Warm Oven - is a cooking blog, but recently they took to the internet to solicit help for a family who lost everything in a house fire. They remind me that cooking and learning are fun, but caring for others must always be part of our lives.

Tricia-Rinnea - is a graphics blog. She does amazing notecards, to-do lists, etc., and she is truly wonderful. Recently, she posted about her little cousin who is trying to raise $2500 in a diabetes event to send other kids to camp. You guessed it...he has diabetes, but his efforts aren't for him.. Her blog allows this little boy to make a bigger difference in other children's lives as he deals with a disease that even adults struggle to manage.

The Pioneer Woman - if you haven't read any of Ree's blogs, you're missing quite a treat. In addition to step-by-step instructions for recipes she makes (including photos!), Ree has a photography blog, confessions blog, home and garden blog, and homeschooling blog, and she keeps them all real. Her blog is hugely popular and she doesn't need an award from me, but I was so impressed with her reach: She outlined her family's support of two children through Compassion Intl a few months back, and a few weeks ago spread the word that some older children were seriously in need of sponsors. The response was so overwhelming, that Compassion Int'l's internet site went down and the phones went crazy. She had to remove the details for a while to give them a chance to catch up with the outpouring of support her request generated.

So, there you have it four amazing, inspirational bloggers I think you would enjoy. And, finally:

One Pretty Thing - One Pretty Thing is constantly working for us to gather DIY projects and creative ideas from everywhere and put them in one digest daily. She finds some of the most amazing stuff, from simple to complex, to the ones that just make you go, 'huh?'. Her blog illustrates just how creative people are and that we can do amazing things.

So, there you have it...five blogs that inspire me, albeit in different ways. All of them, however, illustrate the good in people and that make my spirit sing. Thanks for "listening" and I hope you'll check them out.



Carol said...

Bunny and I wish to thank you for your very kind words, Erin. It's amazing and heartwarming to see the generosity of people when another is down and out. In the mixed up mess of this crazy world we live makes my heart happy to know that there are still people out there who care.
Thank you...and I LOVE your blog! :) said...

AWW! Thanks SO much for listing me! Your words are so sweet and thoughtful and putting me on a list full of creative and amazing bloggers who I love and look up to totally makes my day!

Erin said...

Both of you are truly is my pleasure to be in such terrific company. I am humbled...