Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Doubling DVD Storage

Last week, I finally got around to doing a quick project that doubled our DVD storage capacity.   It is super easy and makes a huge difference.
This is our family room.
This is what our shelves looked like in January.   They looked good.   The truth is, however, the kids don't watch their DVDs very much anymore and I really didn't want to devote as much shelf space to them.  Still, I didn't want to put them under a bed or in storage bins.  I remembered seeing this this simple solution on Ikea Hacker, but I honestly couldn't direct you to the actual post...it has just been bouncing around in my head, waiting for the right time!

Adding a little shelf on top of the shelf allows me to go two deep on the shelf.
All you do is measure the width of your shelf and cut a board slightly less (to allow you to slide it into the shelving--I wanted a tight fit)...then you attach two "legs" roughly 3" (tall enough to let you read the titles of the DVDs in the back row).   My whole project was done with scrap 1 x 3 wood.  I Also, remember to take into account the height of your shelf...you might want to adjust them to give yourself more wiggle room.  After that, you just attach your legs to your board, and, ta da, you have doubled your DVD storage space.

By raising them up, you will still be able to read the titles, even with
another row of DVDs in front of them.
Once you've filled up the back row, all you need to do is fill up the front row.  Easy peasy!

Doubles the DVD storage space.
I know it isn't exciting, but it does help me manage DVDs I don't want to get rid of.

This is what it looks like with the double row.
Honestly, I can hardly wait to make a few more little shelves and do the same thing with our VHS movies.

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