Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pressure Cooker Hard-boiled Eggs? Who knew?

I love hard-boiled eggs.  I love to eat them with salt, I love to eat them in egg salad, I love potato salad with hard-boiled eggs included.  I love hard-boiled eggs.  Still, hard-boiled eggs can be a pain in the rear.  I've read all the tricks:  warm them to room temperature before you boil them, turn the water off as soon as it begins a rolling boil, dunk them in ice immediately after removing from heat, make sure you use older eggs, etc.  Still, I can't get any consistency when going to peel them. Is there anything more frustrating than taking half the darned egg with you as you attempt to peel your hard-boiled egg?
Perfect eggs (not-so-perfect photography!)
Imagine my surprise when I read Nom Nom Paleo's blog and she referenced making her hard-boiled eggs in her pressure cooker.  I read it twice.  What?!  I can use my pressure cooker to make hard-boiled eggs?  Seriously.  This I've got to try.  So, I followed her link to Hip Pressure Cooking .  (My pressure cooker isn't of the hip variety, is just a plain old Presto that my dad got me years ago, just like the one my parents had when I was growing up--definitely NOT hip.)  The directions were simple and the results were fabulous!  Each egg from the batch has peeled perfectly...I'm just so happy.  (Hey, it is the little things that make me happy, remember?)

It is this simple:  1 cup of water, steamer basket, and eggs.
There you have it:  Use your pressure-cooker to make hard-boiled eggs (you can make medium- or soft-boiled eggs, too). 

It is the little things, like perfectly peeling a hard-boiled egg,
that make me happy...
 Give it a'll be amazed.


gail said...

I use an old system my mom taught me. Eggs in cold water, on high for 20 minutes. Immediately immerse in cold water. :)
I've heard that the peeling difficulty has more to do with the age of the egg, more than the cooking ???

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I have also heard that the eggs should not be fresh when you boil them. I also have problem getting them to peel, but I think I don't let them cool long enough before peeling. I'm usually in a hurry therefore I have no patience to let them cool.

Clark said...

OMG! This is so amazing! I love hard boiled eggs, but get so frustrated when they rip to shreds. I followed the link back to the site and found the information fascinating. I see spam and egg salad in our future!

Laura @ Hip Pressure Cooking said...

Hi Erin, thanks so much for the link and what a wonderful post! I hope you will find many more delicious things to pressure cook.

Hip is not the cooker, it's what you cook with it!

Is the base of your cooker aluminum? If so, beware of cooking any acids (tomatoes, vinegar, wine, lemon, fruit, etc.) directly in the base.