Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Happy List...

My friend, Alicia, at More Than Words, told me about this fabulous meme being hosted by Our Dandelion Wishes.  I love the idea of taking a moment to quantify the things that make you happy...take a moment to have gratitude.  It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routine of taking care of business that we forget how many things make us happy.  So many things make me happy, so it will be good to take the time to be present in my own happiness.
So, here is my happy list this week:
Last year about this time, I had the pleasure to read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, who has a blog of the same name.  I got so much out of the book.  It makes me happy to read the blog and to chuckle when she posts about her "pigeons of discontent".  (Get it?  "bluebirds of happiness" have a nemesis "pigeons of discontent".) Isn't that a great way of describing them?  Reading what other people do to get the most out of their daily lives makes me happy.
Going to the gym with my kids makes me happy.  It is so cool to watch them push themselves and to celebrate their successes and commiserate with them about their defeats.  The best part?  The enthusiasm they have to do it all again the next day.  Their determination makes me smile.
I know it sounds weird, but I feel happy when I vacuum my carpet.  It is crappy carpet (I know, I should have found a better word, but that is what it is), but vacuuming it makes me happy.  Go figure.
My husband makes me happy.  It has been harder than you can imagine having him overseas for more than two years, yet he tries so hard, each and every day, to make me feel special.  Thinking of him makes me happy...I'm just so darned lucky.
So, there you have it...this is My Happy List this week.  I'm grateful for Mamarazzi for starting this meme.  Head over to her blog to see what others are finding for their Happy Lists this week.  I promise it will bring a smile to your face.


gail said...

Erin--what a great list! I'm happy to know you're happy! Happy crappy carpet? lol that one made me chuckle!

Clark said...

Getting to hear all the cool stuff my family is doing makes me happy. Knowing that they are well cared for gives me peace of mind.