Friday, December 23, 2011

Lollipop, Lollipop!

Front yard lollipops!

Lollipop, lollipop!
I love putting lollipops up for Christmas decorations.   Why?  Because they look so festive without needing lights...they just feel very Santa's workshop to me.  This year, I took advantage our last day of woodshop by using the bandsaw to cut out eighteen 12-inch circles out of 5mm underlayment.

12" circles of 5mm underlayment...painted white...
Then I painted them all white and attached dowels to them.   Each lollipop was then wrapped in colored cellophane and tied off with ribbon.   Finally, we pounded (okay, Charming pounded because I took too long) PVC into the ground and inserted the lollipop into the PVC.  

See the PVC sticking up from the ground?

Why pound the pvc into the ground?  Experience has taught me that frozen ground and frozen dowels will be stuck together until March or April.  I'm hoping that sticking the dowels into pvc will allow me to pull them up after New Year.  (Fingers crossed any.)

I even put them in the pots in front of the garage (with my faux poinsettia) festive!
I think they turned out so well and I love rounding the corner and seeing them as I drive up the street.  It is just so cheerful.

Look at that view...isn't it fun?
 Superman-Tracker (kind of like the Santa Tracker, but better!):  Superman is stuck at LAX after his flight from Dubai was late arriving, meaning he missed his connection; but he'll still be here before Christmas...the wonderful people at Alaska Airlines helped us rebook him on flights that will do the trick.  Its all good!


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

I love the lollipops and so happy for you that your hubby will be home for the holidays.... Merry Christmas!

Alicia said...

What a great idea! And it looks really cute!

So glad your hubby will be home, too!