Thursday, December 22, 2011

The boys should never leave us to pick out the fabric

for the Christmas pajama pants!

Superman asked me to make pajama pants for the family again this year, so Buttercup and I headed out to Hancock Fabrics to find some appropriate flannel for the project.  Valiant came along, but under duress.

Six pairs of pajama pants for tall people = 18 yards of flannel
We quickly decided against plaid...too boring.  Then we rejected the light-weight Christmas cottons..."not versatile enough," we thought.  Then we found this lovely cat-print flannel and thought to ourselves, "oh, we couldn't do that to them, could we?"  Valiant unwittingly sealed the deal when he said, "Oh, man, I'd love to see Dad and Charming in those...they'll kill you."     Now, you might not know, as it is a little known fact, that the Nagle women cannot seem to resist a dare.  Truly...I think we biologically incapable.  Once Valiant through down the gauntlet, the deal was sealed. 

Purple background for the girls/blue for the boys!
Fortunately, between four bolts of fabric, we were able to get enough fabric to make five pairs for pajama pants...hey, when three of the five are well over six feet tall, we're talking a lot of yardage.  The girls ended up with purple with cats, while the boys got navy with cats.  Hey!  At least we didn't give them purple!
This button goes in front!
I even when one step further and added this oh-so-cool button to distinguish the front from the back.  (Kind, right?) 

The bunny print?  Buttercup couldn't resist it.
Oh, and the girl found herself drawn to this bunny print, too, so I actually made six pairs of pajama pants.  (Now I just have to personalize the coordinating shirts!)


Anonymous said...

Those prints are cute! Going to take a picture of the family in them, too?

Erin said...

I'll do my best! They're tough to pin down, though.