Friday, November 11, 2011

Quick Trash Bag for the Car

After one too many episodes of cleaning up little bits of trash in my car, I decided to come up with a better system to manage the detritus of my daily to and fro life.

Inspiration struck when I realized the lid to a very old carton of ice cream in the deep recesses of my freezer was actually rimmed but a plastic loop. Perfect!  I headed downstairs and grabbed a remnant of fabric from my stash (you have a stash, right?) and half an hour later, I had a perfect trash bag to hang on the back of a car seat.  Sweet!

Here is a quick overview...

Measure the circumference of the rim and add two inches.  (So, if the rim measures 22", then the number you need to keep in mind is 24".)

Decide how long you'd like your trash bag and cut a rectangle with your two numbers.  Let's say I decided mine should be roughly 12" long, give or take, add 3 for the channel and the bottom seam..  I cut a rectangle that was 24" by 15".   I also cut two 15" x 2 1/2" strips to make the straps.

Iron the channel you'll be using for your rim...make sure when you fold it over, that you're allowing for enough room for the entire width of rim.  My rim was 1", so I allowed 1 1/2".   So, fold over 1/2" on one of the 24" sides and iron it down the length.  Fold it over again, making a crease at the 1 3/4" mark.  (This was to allow some wiggle room when I sewed the channel down.)  Sewing straight across the 24", sew the channel down, being sure to leave enough of an opening to feed your plastic rim.  Fold each strap lengthwise (along the 15" side), iron in place, then sew along the edge.  Turn right side out and close the ends.  Sew your bag closed at the bottom...I chose to center my one "side seam" in what would become the back of my bag.    Sew your straps onto the back of your back, taking care not to sew your channel shut...I sewed my straps along the same seam I created when I sewed the channel.

Sew the two 15" sides together, right sides in, but stop before you get to the channel (this leaves an opening to feed in the rim).

 Flip your bag right side out and feed the rim into the channel.  I failed to flip mine right side out before I fed the rim in and it was a pain to turn after I'd done this..  Sew the channel shut and you're done.

 Ta Da!  A trash bag for you car!

What do you think?

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