Monday, December 29, 2008

How I discovered blogs and why I decided to join in on the fun.

I first discovered blogs when I started searching Google for tips for living a more frugal life. The first blog I found was The Simple Dollar...I started reading Trent's advice and tips for doing more stuff for ourselves and disengaging from the conspicuous consumption of our society. As he attributed information to other blogs, I'd follow the links and it snowballed. In the year since I discovered his blog, that first click has grown into reading a LOT of blogs via RSS Feed.

So, I learned how to do things I had never done before, but that was not what hooked me on blogs...instead, it was that people who write blogs actually answer your questions. I love that! Can't figure out why your cookies didn't turn out? Ask the poster and he or she will help you trouble it. Have a dilemma with a point of view supported by the blogger? Write them (politely) and they will most likely engage in a dialogue with you. Blogs are NOT impersonal, anonymous noise. Instead, they are a sincere attempt by a lot of wonderful people to share information they've found valuable or meaningful. Want to know how to put in a zipper, make a cake, or make some exotic dish? Chances are good that some generous blogger has taken the time to write down step-by-step instructions with pictures to help you make it happen. I love the tutorials and real-life recipes bloggers share. They make me feel like I, too, can be creative and successful. These are NOT perfect people bragging; they post about their failures along with their successes...they are enthusiastic people sharing their passion with anyone who cares to join in. Their enthusiasm is infectious and I urge you to click on the links to some of my favorite blogs...whether they are writing about sewing or cooking or frugal living tips, these bloggers are awesome.


Anonymous said...

Actually, most of the time, mine is just mindless babble on what comes through my head when I first start out the day on what I hope to accomplish that day. If anyone finds it entertaining on a regular basis, they might want to see their doctor. LOL

It's just a good outlet to brain dump those things that seem compelling at the time. Notice I said at the time. Usually the next day, I have moved on to some other dribble that is equally mindless. But what do you expect from a woman with one brain cell? :)

But hey, seems it's a good way to waste a rainy Friday night, hopping from blog to blog to blog...

loveaphid said...


I can't wait to make it to 19 years with Spiderman - you got Superman I got Spidey, well actually Peter Parker, but you know what I mean. Lots of love to you both.