Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gingerbread House...better late, than never...

Well, Buttercup and I finally finished our first ever gingerbread house made from real gingerbread. We've made the graham cracker gingerbread houses for years, but I was inspired to attempt the real thing this year. (Well, actually, last year at the after-Christmas sales, I snagged a giant make-a-gingerbread house cookie cutter set, so the inspiration began then!) Despite a few mishaps, we are pretty proud of our results. Plus, it just seems so Christmas-y to have a real Gingerbread House. What do you think?

The serious Christmas countdown has begun...tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Are you ready?

1 comment:

n3isme said...

I'm not ready!! I need more time!! The house is so cool, though.