Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Scrabble Valentine's Tiles

I wish I could find the blog that gave me this idea, but a quick trip through my Pinterest boards didn't reveal a pin, so it is going uncredited.  Still, just know I didn't think of this on my own.

Aren't these cool?
Anyway, bought these giant Scrabble tiles for family friends for Christmas and when Superman saw them, he said he could have made them.  Well, yes, he could have, but we don't have a router set up to route the individual letters, and besides, I'd already purchased the gift.

See the slightly routered edge?  I love how the grain of the pine is so clear.
Turned out, Superman was right.  These were a quick and easy project.  He made quick work of cutting "tiles" out of 1 x 6 pine board, finished the edges with his router, sprayed on a few thin coats of lacquer and handed them off to me.  

Since they were specifically for Valentine's, I decided to use
a font with more flourish than the actual Scrabble font.
(I think I actually spent more time playing with fonts on the Silhouette machine than he spent prepping the tiles!)  I applied the vinyl letters (with their appropriate points value, of course) and they were done.

Scrap wood and a little time gave us a really cool decoration!
Love them!   Best of all, we used scrap wood, had the lacquer, and the vinyl, so they were a free project!


Leah said...

Great idea.... I have some things that it would be perfect for... hmmm wedding planning!

LaVonne Long said...

Those are such lovely tiles. So great for any time of year!