Monday, September 10, 2012

Quick Drawer Customization

My desk drawers are a weird size.  I've struggled to keep them organized, but I confess I've been only marginally successful.  Last week, I'd finally had enough and decided to tackle a reorganization project I've been thinking of for a while.
Doesn't everyone have a box knife, an exacto knife, and a chalk pencil in
their desk drawers??
 First, I emptied the drawers completely.  (Of course, it wasn't until the drawers were mostly empty that I remembered I needed a picture...sigh.)  As you can see, I had these organizing trays in the drawers, but they really didn't fit well and left unused and inaccessible space behind the tray and well as open space to the side of the tray.

This tray doesn't fit well...the siders are too short and the tray
doesn't fit well within drawer, leaving hard to access space.
Once I had empty drawers, I got to work.  I'd saved some wooden slates from an Ikea something that I just knew would come in handy and would make this project free!   (I think it was a couch of Charming's, but I really can't remember--Superman would remember exactly where these came from...that is how he rolls!)  I measured in the inside dimension of the drawers (individually, just in case they weren't exactly the same - they weren't!)  I headed to the garage and used the chop saw to cut a few of the slates to the inside length of the drawers. 
Played around with the dividers and some of the intended contents of
the drawer to see what configuration would be the best...
Then I started playing with various configurations until I settled on an arrangement that would work for me.  That was actually the most difficult part.  One drawer ended up with more sections than the other.
They're difficult to see in this photo, but the pieces are held together by staples.
Once I'd figured out the configuration I wanted, I used the brad nailer/stapler to put all the pieces together.

This drawer has fewer took only two pieces to make my
dividers...customized to my specifications!
Half an hour later, I had customized drawer dividers.  This could be done with heavy weight cardboard, too.  Look might have something laying around that just might work.

This drawer took a little more time, but it was so worth it.
Best of all?  The dividers are completely removable in case my needs/wants change.   Did I mention I have two more drawers filled with sewing stuff and another handful of slats?  Not sure how I'll arrange those, but I'm sure I'll come up with something!

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