Friday, February 17, 2012

The Last Big Project for Organizing Season

So, I confessed the details of this project to my sister and she burst out laughing at me.  Then she told me I was "special" and I'm not certain she meant it as a compliment, but still, on the off chance some of you are "special", I decided to share with you the last "big" thing I did this Organizing Season.

Our closet.  Exciting, isn't it?
(How is that for an introduction?  I'm hoping you'll be so disarmed by my candor that you won't laugh too hard at me.  Besides, by sharing it this way, Superman will have time to digest it before his next leave!)

Of course, this is the "after"!  Who thinks of taking a before
of their closet?
Are you an early adopter of things like technology or "time-saving" gadgets or "new, improved" old things?  I'm not.  I have to be convinced that the new widget will improve the quality of our lives.  I really think long and hard about whether "new and shiny" will actually do anything to enhance my life.  Will it just be a thrill to get something new or will it really be a help?  Will it only work because I'm paying attention to its newness or is it really an improvement? This is the line of questioning I ask myself when considering bringing new things into our home.  Still, I do adopt cool things:  We have an iPad, I have a smart phone (albeit with Virgin Mobile because I'm anti-contract), we have wireless internet, and we have laptops.  Heck, I even have a Blendtec (but it took me 18 months to decide I'd really, really use it...and I do.)

Were these really going to be better than the cheap-o tube hangers?  What
about the heavier plastic hangers that swiveled?
So, don't laugh when I tell you it took me more than a year to decide to upgrade our...hangers.  Yep, I said hangers.  You know those fuzzy hangers?  They tempted me from the get go.  No tank tops falling off the hangers?  No paper thin t-shirts sliding right off the hangers?  No slippery workout jackets needing to be zipped to stay where I put them?  Buttercup's strappy little summer dresses would actually stay put?  No misshapen cardigans that slipped but didn't fall, so now they have a weird lump?  I didn't believe it.  I held back.  Its just a hanger.   Would they even be strong enough for coats?  They look small.   How much difference could they possibly make?  Still, I continued to be frustrated by trying to keep our clothes on the hangers and looking nice.  Maybe it is because my shoulders are so broad, but my clothes were constantly falling off the drove me crazy.    I was so tempted to get those fuzzy hangers, but I just wasn't sure.

Oh, yes!  They were much better!  (See my old hangers in the first box?)
Finally, though, I'd had enough.  I'd been pricing the hangers and really was having trouble justifying them, no matter how frustrated I was. ($5 for five hangers?  Really?!  Um, no thank you!)   Then, the stars aligned and I walked into my local Costco and saw packs of 35 hangers for $9.99.  I pulled the trigger and bought three boxes.  (I suspect strongly that my tipping point arrived when inexpensive hangers arrived at my Costco.  The correlation between the price going down and my purchasing the hangers caan't be understated!)  

See Superman's shirts?  Look how nice they look!
 I enthusiastically threw myself into the project of rehanging every item in my closet.  I touched every article of clothing in there.  Everything came out, but not everything went back in.  (Changing out your hangers is an amazing way to go through your closet.  You miss nothing!)  It was amazing...everything stayed where I put it.  I was hooked.  I went back and bought more hangers (yes, Superman, I did...I needed to do your side!) and finished the job.  And when I was done, I was happy.  It looked so, well, organized.

Can you tell I have a mom uniform?  I hate shopping, so if I like something, I buy
a few of it...coral t-shirts, grey t-shirts, white t-shirts...notice a trend?
But, here is the real test.  Its been three weeks.  Am I still happy?  Oh my gosh, yes!  I cannot believe how wonderful it is to have my clothes stay put (they stay put even when you're pulling out something next to something else and they used to both slip off -- not any more), to have all my clothes hanging at the same height, and to know everything in my closet is something I wear. 

There you have it, my last big project for Organizing Season.  It was a big "little" project, but it was so worthwhile.   Commence laughing!  (It is won't hurt my feelings.)


Growing Up A Country Girl said...

That is a great job done! And I did the same thing about the hangers - finally a few years ago my mom gave me some for Christmas and I was hooked and yes I bought more and changed everything out.... :)

Tutus and Choo-Choos said...

I simply hate to clean out my closet. I just cannot imagine tackling that project. Good for you in tackling the project and the closet looks awesome!

Sew Ducky said...

Ha. I don't have a closet to speak of, I have an old wardrobe, that holds practically nothing. But I could have told you these hangers were good, out of the 10 or so items that I can hang up, all 10 are on these.

I can't say a word about your organization. I moved into the house pregnant, wound up with the water breaking 2 weeks later and had the baby 2 weeks after that (and was sick and hurting the whole time...then got sick, got spayed and been a bugger getting Neal up to watch said kid so I can spend a couple days just cleaning away. I still have never gotten things unpacked or cleaned properly.

Uh...want to come over?

Clark said...

Hey! Looks great, but that doesn't look like a 50/50 split on the closet space! Are you creeping on my side????????