Monday, May 9, 2011


Spring has finally sprung!

Look at the tulips that are filling our yard...  I asked the girl-child to take some pictures of her favorite ones because it is always neat to see what piques her interest.  Again, she didn't disappoint me.

Aren't these spectacular?  I love the contrast between the black and the red and the yellow border around the black just adds so much drama to these tulips.

I love this red and yellow one.  The blooms are smaller than some of the other tulips, but they look pretty.

 This coral tulip is so unusual.  The color is deep and rich, but I don't know which batch of bulbs it came with.  Oh, well.
This pale pink is so demure.  You could overlook them in comparison with all the deep reds, but they're just so beautiful.  These are all in our yard, but Buttercup didn't stop there.  Nope, she headed down the street and kept snapping. 

Like many developments, the neighborhood we live in has a sign at the first street in the development.  The people who own the house with the sign don't care for the landscaping there, so the kids and I decided to take it upon ourselves to get some spring color there.  (Another neighbor has been weeding, too, so it is still a neighborhood effort.)  Last fall, the kids took a few bags of bulbs down to the sign and planted them all.  They've been waiting eagerly to see the results of their planted and finally see the payoff. 

They are just so cheerful, aren't they?

Sam doesn't seem too impressed, but then again, he's laying on fake flowers...maybe that is the problem.

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Beth in NC said...

Those are beautiful and I can't believe the last ones are fake!

So lovely!

Happy Spring!