Saturday, December 4, 2010

Super Easy Boot Liners

A few months ago, I saw these super cute fleece boot liners at Target.  I do have "lovely" black rubber boots and I was sure that fleece liners would be just the ticket.  At $9.99 plus tax a pair, however, I was disinclined to buy them.  I knew I could make some for far less.  I bought some adorable fleece on sale for roughly $5/yard.  Then life interfered and my adorable fleece got put on a shelf.

Fast forward to tonight.  The house is relatively clean, dinner dishes were non-existent because we went to a church Christmas dinner, and the kids and I are tucked cozily into our home for the evening.   Half an hour later and I have a pair of fleece boot liners.

They were so easy, I decided I felt competent to tell you how to make some, too.

1) Measure the distance from your big toe to your calf at the point your boots end...then end three inches to that number.  My number was 25 inches.  Cut four pieces that look like this:

2)  Take two of those pieces and cut notches where your foot ends and you curve up your leg.  (The point of my notches was at 10 1/2 inches - allowing for a roomy toe.)  Sew the notches together to form the heel of your liners.

3) Sew one flat piece to one heeled piece.  Repeat.

4)  Trim the top of each liner to make front and back the same length.

5)  Fold over to create a cuff.  (Since I was using fleece, I didn't hem my liners.)

 6) Oh, and don't forget that you want to put them on "inside out" so that the seams are against the inside of the boot.

There you have it...two fleece boot liners in half an hour.  (After I worked out the bugs, I made another set for Buttercup in about 10 minutes.  They're that easy.)

(Oh, and if you're extra lucky, you'll have some feline help to keep you motivated.  Ninja is oh-so-encouraging, don't you think?)


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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this great tutorial. I plan to make pairs for the grand daughters, but whipped up a sample today and will adjust the pattern to customize to their feet. $5 worth of anti pill fleece will easily make 2 pairs. I bought 1 yd and so there's enough to make them matching neck gaiters, too.

Erin said...

Oh, I'm so glad you like it. We still love our boot liners and I've been tempted to make more in different colors...

Anonymous said...

so glad to find this, places wanted to charge me $10 for this pattern, I bought a pair of Hunter rain boots and thought it was ridiculous to pay $40 for there socks! thank you for posting this

Stark Radio said...

Well! How easy is that! I'm going to do that with heavier fleece for my old Sorels, and add an insole between the boot and the liners. I might have to reinforce the heels too but this is so easy, so thanks! =D

Unknown said...

Hi Erin, I just made a pair and they are quick. The measurement I need though is how Wide were your original pieces? I made mine 6 inches and they were too skinny to fold over my boots. But the plus is I now have skinny long socks for my depressingly skinny legs!
KC in Seattle

Andrea Urban said...

So do you wear socks in addition to the liners or just dive those xock-less toes right in? I suppose it would be much softer sans socks.

Erin said...

I have neglected my blog for quite a while, but wanted to get back to anyone who was following up on this post. As for the width, I think the way to do it is to meassure the circumference at the top of the boot (Just lay them flat, add a seam allowance, and use that number) for the width at the top. Width at the foot will depend on how wide your feet are, how roomy your boots are, and whether you want to wear socks with your liners. (I don't wear socks with mine.)